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Entertainment (links found on SCHED):
Friday 5pm-5:30pm -
Movie Night: "Back Home Again" (30 minutes)

Jeff Newman - Mentalist. Magician. Trickster.
Jeff Newman Performance

Live Chat available (bottom right hand corner) on mynctca.com   Wed: 5pm-9pm, Thurs 7am-5:30pm, Friday 8am-5pm

NCTCA 2022 Presidents’ Welcome Address - National Anthem, Indigenous Land Acknowledgement, Honorary President and Opening Remarks.

ATA President’s Address - Jason Schilling

ACEE (Alberta Council for Environmental Education) Symposium Thursday, February 10th: English: Virtual Room 17, French: Virtual Room 18

Take a 5 minute activity break!  Ready In Five Video Library!
Learn more about how you can bring Ready in Five into your classroom at www.getreadyinfive.com

Morgex Presents: Robyne Hanley-Dafoe! ***Pre-recorded***All In: Mastering Life with Work Integration for Optimal Performance and Wellness

Morgex Insurance is proud to sponsor the 2022 ATA Conventions, including all of the Zoom licensing for all of the 2022 Alberta teachers’ conventions. Request a quote, and you could win 1 of 2 cash prizes worth $15,000 each to get away anywhere from Coast to Coast. Click on the Convention’s Sponsor page for additional information.

Session availability:  All sessions (Live & Pre-recorded) will be available on SCHED until April 1st UNLESS SPECIFICALLY ADDRESSED IN THE TITLE. (Eg.  LIVE SESSION ONLY or RECORDING AVAILABLE UNTIL XXX)  ***Live session recordings will be available on SCHED by MONDAY***

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Discovery Toys

Amanda Lutes
Play Advisor

Contact Me

Hi!  Thank you so much for taking the time to come and check out my page!  I'm happy to chat with you at any time throughout the convention: just send me a message with questions or comments!

Discovery Toys is the premier curriculum support company, offering learn through play products (games, books, puzzles and toys) that are open ended, safe and FUN! We also have great products to support special needs, and have won lots of awards, including many from Autism Live. Our products also come with Lifetime Warranty. Oh, and we have replacement parts available for purchase. Nous avons aussi plusieurs resources bilingues! Demandez-moi pour plus d’informations!

See three Discovery Toys in action here: https://youtu.be/tof4CnJprCg

Door Prize: $25 Discovery Toys Gift Card! Enter here: https://www.bit.ly/DrawForm. Extra entry for sending me a chat and telling me if you are a Discovery Toys NEWBIE or if you are familiar with our products.

See our 2022 Catalogues Here: https://www.bit.ly/DTBranded2021 https://www.bit.ly/DTEndorsed2021
Everyone who places an ORDER will be entered for a DRAW for free products. Extra entry for each $25 spent (before shipping/tax).
If you are local to Edmonton/St. Albert, and would like to SAVE on SHIPPING, choose ship with party. We can arrange pick up once your order arrives. Send me a message with your order and contact info so I can let you know once it arrives.
If you aren't local to Edmonton/St. Albert, shipping is best when orders are over $70. If you are looking to buy less than that, check with your fellow teachers, family and friends to see if you can split shipping...OR Host a party for discount party shipping (and FREE and half price stuff!!)

To book a 2-4-6 Read-a-thon for your classroom, please send me a message! Our Read-a-thons run for 2 weeks, kids read (or are read to) for 12 minutes at home and 12 minutes at school every day (hopefully that's already happening!) for a total of 4 hours, and we encourage kids to find 6 sponsors who will sponsor them $1/hour. For the sponsor, that's super affordable at only $4 for the entire Read-a-thon. A classroom of 25 kids who meet this minimum suggestion will raise $600 for the classroom to spend on Discovery Toys! My last Read-a-Thon raised over $1000! ALL PAPERWORK (letters to parents, sponsor sheets, emails) IS ALL READY FOR YOU! I will email it to you at the appropriate time for photocopies to be made. I look forward to helping you fill your classroom with Discovery Toys! (I also work with day homes and day cares with the 2-4-6 Read-a-Thon!)

Want to get some Discovery Toys for your home for free and half price? Let me know! I love to spoil my hostesses with many prizes and FREE stuff! Choose your date here: https://www.bit.ly/BookHereAmanda

Want to join my Wholesale Buyers Club? Get started by paying $59 and choose $140 in products! Club membership renews every 6 months for $9.95. Shop at a 25-38% discount. Ask me how to get started, or click here: https://www.bit.ly/JoinAmandaDT

Looking for a side gig? Start your own FUN, Flexible business today for $256.20! Unlimited income potential, friends, tax write off, FABULOUS trips! So many reasons to choose Discovery Toys! Ask me how to join my team, or click here: https://www.bit.ly/JoinAmandaDT

For more information, live demos, or to book a lunchroom presentation, please contact me, Amanda, by sending me a message here or at m.me/amandalutes.7 or Amanda.playfulangels@gmail.com. Have a great convention!

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